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Historic Downtown Petersburg
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Why Agoria?

Agoria started with the intention to help provide and educate about accessible healthy food options in Petersburg, Va.  Agoria serves as a gathering place for not only customers of the store, but for farmers, food producers and makers, educators, health practitioners, and entrepreneurs.

About Our Products

Agoria Market specializes is building community through food. Our products are intentionally chosen to provide individuals with accessibly healthy options within categories from fresh produce, pre-made meals, bulk dry goods, herbs, supplements, snacks, and other essentials.

The goal of agorism is the agora. The society of the open marketplace as near to untainted by theft, assault, and fraud as can be humanly attained is as close to a free society as can be achieved.

- Samuel Edward Konkin III

Acne Spot Treatment

Targets Acne without drying the skin (dry skin is likely to overproduce oils and cause more acne!

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Moisturizing Acne Treatment

Daily moisturizer combats Acne without drying the skin (dry skin is likely to overproduce oils and cause more acne!)

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Pottery Collection

Better Than Coffee
$ 15.00 USD
Squeaky Clean
$ 15.00 USD
Smooth Shaving
$ 15.00 USD
Insect Repellant
$ 15.00 USD
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